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In This World

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

In This World

Present in this world is a depth of darkness we call sin

Taking precious memories from the walls of love

Evil abounds in heaps and causes storms

Quieting the most pleasant of times with grief and sorrow

But our savior's glory shines through the clouds of emptiness

I see it in the smile you get when we sing

Gathering the army with God's triumphant melody

A cacophony of virtue the remedy

Let us see through the mountains and tackle the depths of the sea

Lord set us free bonds and shackles torn

Taking this world and pulling through the storm

Pleasing to the eyes of a world lost within

Destruction of the devil's surest guise

A blade to cut through the enemy

The armor of the century

We can see

Shadows on the wall no more

We wear the crown of victory

Turning around the misery

No more prison bars

Only the road to glory

Pathed with your blood

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