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Bride and groom holding hands close up against cross religion symbol shape over sunset sky

About Turned Around

A short bio

My name is Joseph Michael Shucraft, and since 2016, writing has been a form of healing in my life. It has allowed me to be an overcomer in Christ. Restoring my relationship with him has been a priority for me. He is the driving force for the positive changes in my good nature. Without him, I am lost. Once a prodigal son, I have returned home to God and my family. My home is Newcastle, Wyoming, where I was born and raised. Having received positive encouragement and blessings from the Spirit of Truth, I began writing books of poetry. I have since become a published author with books such as Birthed, Rebirthed, and Born: Turned Around Again and The Bridegroom. I aim to do teachings and lessons through podcasting and provide discussion forums for people to connect with each other.

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