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II. Your Anointing Lord

We see a more outstanding picture of prosperity as we abide in you and you in us. Your anointing is not a simple emotion but an inescapable calling to a higher means of servitude. The knowledge that shaped the prophets speaks to us through your Spirit. Help us be teachers and speakers of what is wise so that we can help those who need to see through blinded eyes. It is the time for us to open the eyes of everyone and evangelize the impoverished souls of man.

Pour Me the Oil

Baptize me in your Holy Spirit, Lord, send it to me in kind.

Pour the sacred oil upon me and call upon me as your son.

Anoint me as a shepherd, and I will tend the flock with care

Preaching good words to both wise and poor, rich and weak, and the very meek

Keep me humble in your presence and respectful of the calling

How do I understand without indeed I do not

You are the helper and comforter when I have not

Do with me as you will, as I only wish to serve

I want to be a worker for you, so do your mighty works through me

I and I make me alone, so bring into me your presence so we can become one

Not in a sensual way but rather a spiritual endeavor to liven up with hope

Please help me to get the truths of the Spirit so that others can be set free

Bringing heaven nearer to earth

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