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Do Not Depart My Love

In your mind, I find myself longing to be. I hope I am your last thought before you slumber and wake—the decadence of peacefulness gracing your presence with tenderness. My arms would bear ten thousand burdens and then ten thousand more if only you would not leave me now nor forevermore. Captivate me with your mind's eye. Oh, the eye of mine plucks mine out, for I cannot see a lasting time without reason for you to be satisfied. Do not depart my most faithful love, for without I am more than barren. Less than the desert sands for thirst to quench and a rider than the driest mouth sweltering in the heat. The warmest days cannot compare to the heat from your coolest gaze. The compassion I implore you is that you lend me a borrowed ear. Hear my plea, my dearest miss. For it is this that I stand that in your presence I can scantly sit feeling I must arise unless to bow to thee humbly. My tact of tongue is scant, and formality is my lack of grace. So, read by the pen of the sword, and I’ll defend you faithfully.

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