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Updated: Aug 9

Welcome to Turned Around Teachings and Authorship. I'm Joseph Michael Shucraft, and my goal is to bring others closer to the call to worship and fellowship in the Lord. I feel very blessed as I have come to know Christ better in the last several years. Coming from a place of struggles, I desire to share myself and how I have come to heal. It has been a process and not always one of bliss, but through Christ, we can find joy and peace even in the toughest of times. I have come to write and have published my first book titled Birthed, Rebirthed, and Born: Turned Around Again. It was written through struggles as a place of healing and a means of reconnecting to others, But most importantly, glorifying God and sharing his love in the form of poetry. I'm working on my second book, titled Reign. It is a story set in a fictional world that centers around the men of God battling against the armies of Hell. Through trials, as is most important, God is honored. I am also seeking to make Podcasts with teachings, and hopefully, I will learn as much from the process as I can convey to others. In all things, Christ according to the grace and glory of his presence. I pray the blessings of the Holy Spirit upon you all and hope for blessed futures for all of you!

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