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This Child

Updated: Aug 9

This Child

This sweet child has got a name

No fame, no place without God, no reason without grace

Abound sweet memories

Torn and broken again, never lost, and without Love from him

Soar in heaven with the sound of angels rising

Justice for this boy grown into a man never fleeting and constantly feeling less

Pick me up, instill in me a flame

Strike an accord and rewrite history

Chisel my name into a rock on the wall never forget

Shattered youth picked back up, regressed, and crowned again

Never into living, just dying from all the sinning

Time for a new religion, one that starts with you

One where we are not useless in the world

We live and breathe alive well

We are the children of the world

We are not meaningless, spent up, or ruthless

We are just kids

We never did a thing to deserve it just went on Sunday looking for Love

Then later, we got used, lost, and confused in this world filled with hate

You let it breed

All concede, lie, and deceive

To all of us children of the world

So, wake me up in the new beginning when you stop faking, agitating, and commiserating.

Stop talking now with the Devil; you are just cohabiting habitual reminiscent of the original sin.

Stop letting your hate breed and love us, children of the world,

We are God’s children living for a new world

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