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Love without Bounds

Love Without Bounds by Joseph Shucraft

He always knew he loved us even at conception. Jesus loved us when we could not even understand it when we merely survived each day. So, every day, we struggle and kick and move seemingly out of step instead of him seeing our faults as something we cannot overcome. He sees us as the child we once were. Instead of seeing a thief or a liar, he sees us as a beautiful bride waiting for her groom on her wedding day—the innocence of a perfect bride, handsome and dressed in white, spotless, and without blemish. When we cry out, he protects us like the children we are and nurtures our meager spirits. He feeds our mothers’ milk and bathes us in the sun, baptizing us in his spirit. Jesus first showed this love in all creation. As he created man, he sought to see him not without or wanting anyway. He made him a helpmate in the most intimate of ways. He made a man who has become a part of the creative flow. By taking up his rib and making a woman from it, God sealed us intimately together in unison, both men and women together. Another picture of love most true is how he clothed us when we fell from his grace. When he promised us we would be redeemed and that the serpent who bothered us would meet his timely end. We see that promise fulfilled after many years of waiting. We can see it in the eyes of King David, who was promised to house the messiah in his lineage. When he slung his stones of faith, God struck true, helping him defeat a Giant, something only God could do even though David fell from grace and took what wasn’t his. God still loved him just like you and me, even though we fell occasionally. Even though a child cannot always ride his bike. Our Father God finds the time.

The most capable father sacrifices all that he can and has. That is true of our God too. He preached the word of God so all would know throughout all of Israel who would, in turn, tell the world. But not before his tragedy, where he was betrayed to his death. He was beaten and beaten and made to carry a wooden cross. He took it to Golgotha, where many jeered and shouted, him being beaten along the way. Mocked and ridiculed upon the cross, our father said these words; forgive them, for they know not what they’ve done. I charge that there is no greater love that a man can show than to live and die for a world that sets him idly by. For a world that breaks his back and pierces his side, but for them, he turned his head and died.

God loves you when you cannot see it. Many moments pass us all by, where until later on, we don’t notice, but at the moment, we are saved from death. Nobody knows why we can all live without ever saying a word to him, but he will never leave our side. We cannot set ourselves free of him, our father, who died. So even when you look at a picture of him, do this that he loves you whenever you are right or wrong. He loves you in the depths of sin and the greatest of Heaven’s embrace.

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