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By Night’s Early Light

Relegated to a task and unable to hold on. Offbeat and unsure, a gorge set amongst two hills. Where two meet, one ends another a valley, the other bends. Trying for a route, a direction with no triumph but rather a destitution. Oh, by the wayside, goes this man down into the earliest of the nights. Where the darkness lingers, and highest among them is me, cavorted like an entertainer with no gathering. The duality of thought is fragmented into despair and reason. Logic says I should chase the pleasant maiden till the break of day, and what a finer life with happiness and a wife may be. My brain is torn, split, ripped apart by insanity. Beg me a pardon, for I will shed my honor and leave a kind word, which I seek, worn down though I am bleak. Chasing my sanity sounds rather insane since it is twice lost and beaten in vain. Examine me and take, pray for me, and speak? There is no way for me to close this mountainous sin. So, I implore you to plead for both you and for me. Will you love me like the Father? Set me aside, kick dirt, and bury me as I die? Will I meet her in the end on the trail wind in the setting of the sunshine until the early rising of the sun?

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