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A poem from my next book "The Bridegroom".

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Purity Defined

To this, I pray to God and speak

Make this woman holy in your eyes

Cleanse her with your blood and wash her in your spirit

The Lamb, the Lion, the Great I Am

Make us mighty and take us into the tribe of Judah

Make us your kin in spirit

Baptize my bride in immersing water

The newness of life and resurrection of the spirit

Kindling within a great adoration

Purity of heart coming from the example of Christ

As you purify my bride, I ask

For her to be in covenant with you as well as me

She belongs to you first presented as spotless and without blemishes

Thank you for her as you have gifted her to be a woman whom you have redeemed

Tears of cleansing joy as Jesus wept for us as well

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